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20701 Highway 66 Gauthier Township , KIRKLAND LAKE, ON,

fsbo for sale by owner


Brian Coghlan 705 568 7877

The land package is severed and can be purchased separately or all in one for $350,000

1) Wood Ash Landfill and transfer site with MOE approvals to recycle and land apply high carbon wood ash as a soil amendment. 

The site may be repurposed for other landfill applications. 

WAI has developed a technology to separate the carbon from the ash to produce a highly marketable biochar. Inventory 500,000 cu3 wood ash contains 100,000 tons of carbon, value 50M  17.2 Acres $125,000

2) Sand and Gravel Pit. Significant drilled reserves suitable for paste fill and winter sand, granular A and B processing in close proximity to producing new gold mines. 47.8 Acres $225,000