3195 Sheppard Ave. East

$ 1.00 CAD

Commercial Rental Property for Sale by Owner

A freestanding part single part three-storey, multi-tenant office commercial rental building, suitable for Educational Institutions, with all usual municipal services and utilities, including natural gas;
Site is rectangular in shape with an area of 36,273 square feet (0.34 hectares or 0.83 acres), with 260.26 feet of frontage on the south side of Sheppard Avenue East by 146.70 feet (depth), 367 metres west of Warden Avenue;
Parking is accessed by one open curb cut on Sheppard Avenue East to a surface lot for 67 cars;
The site bears great development potential as an 18 Storey Highrise known as “East 3220 Condos” is being sold just opposite the street, and a Best Use Study of our site by an authoritative third party suggests a 9 storey (30 metre) building with a Total Floor Area of over 12,000 square metres (nearly 130,000 square feet).

Interior Gross Area:
Basement 4,017.82 square feet
G/F 9,957.00 square feet
2/F 4,321.58 square feet
3/F 3,414.68 square feet

Total 21,711.08 square feet

3195 Sheppard Ave. East
M1T 3K1

(416) 491-0840

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