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Nelson, BC

fsbo for sale by owner

Greg Howard –
Tara Hunter –

Mobile Home Park For Sale

In the 8 years we have owned it, we have emptied 3 of the 4 septic tanks and completely dug up and entirely replaced the whole septic field for the house. We have removed some dead trees and done some much needed improvements on the water system (gravity fed from Giveout Creek) of which we hold a valid water license.

Rental Income

House (2 bdrm) = $1015/month

Unit #1 (2 bdrm) = $831/month

Unit #2 = $347/month  (pad rent)

Unit #3 (2 bdrm) = $843/month

Unit #4 = $347/month  (pad rent)

Unit #5 = $465/month  (pad rent)

Unit #6 (2 bdrm) = $1239/month

Unit #7 (2 bdrm) = $1239/month

Unit #8 = $347/month  (pad rent)


Monthly rental income = $6673

Yearly rental income = $80,076

(Annual allowable rental increases have been handed out, effective Jan 1st & Mar 1st 2023



  • Water license – $250/yr 
  • Property Taxes – $2,962/yr
  • Insurance – (commercial) $3,300/yr
  • Hydro (2 street lights) – $380/yr
  • Snow Removal (local plow guy) – depends on how much snow obviously but on average $500/yr (does driveway and main road in park, $50/plow)
  • Maintenance – varies but probably $3-5,000/yr depending on what you do. Helpful to have write offs at tax time
  • Plus whatever your mortgage will be