1) Do I have to pay another agent to sell or lease my property?

This is your option. In order to list your property on our Real Estate Board’s MLS system an amount does need to be offered. Your fee includes a minimum offering of $.01 in order that it may be posted.  If your intention is to cooperate with other agents, you should be prepared to offer more.  Buyer’s agents are expecting to receive approximately 2.5% of the selling price on most homes, 1/2 month rent for residential leases, or a percentage of commercial space leased. However, it is your choice how much you offer.

If you are willing to cooperate with buyers agents, why not offer more as an incentive? You can always negotiate the commission based on your net proceeds from the sale and the strength of the offer – EVERYTHING IS NEGOTIABLE!  And remember your saving thousands of dollars on the listing side with our Flat Fee Listing Service.

As a private seller or landlord you are in control of these choices. You can offer a percentage of the sale price or a flat rate.  You can even present the property in an open bidding auction environment.

2) I’m not interested in paying an agent, I only want to expose my property to buyers, how will my listing be accessible to buyers?

Your property will be listed on REALTOR.ca(formerly known as MLS.ca). This is the single most powerful consumer data base featuring all properties listed on all Real Estate Boards in Canada.

3) Do Mere Postings listings look different than other listings on Realtor.ca?

When potential buyers search on REALTOR.ca, your property will appear alongside all the other listings within the same search parameters.   But your listing will interact differently when users click on your own property listing.  Typically the Listing Brokerage’s and agent’s contact information is the only way for your buyer to find out more information about your property or make an appointment to view it.  When your property is listed with us, we will direct buyers to contact you directly with our customized feature sheet designed specifically for your property. Check out our ACTIVE LISTINGS above to see real live examples of our Flat Fee Listings on REALTOR.ca (MLS.ca).

4) How will Buyers contact me?

We will create a website for you that will link directly to your contact information via REALTOR.ca as well as all of the details of your Listing.  Alternatively we can link to your own website.  Even if you are using another  website we can link to that as well (Kijiji, Craigslist,Propertyguys.com, etc).  In fact, it’s often less costly to use our listing service even in conjunction with these services.

5) How will Buyer’s Agents contact me if I choose to cooperate and am offering a commission?

You can direct Buyer’s Agents to contact you directly in the listing section reserved for Agents.

6) Is this service only available for home sellers, what type of properties can we list through you and advertise on REALTOR.ca?

The following types of property can be listed on REALTOR.ca :

Residential Homes and Condos For Sale or For Lease

Commercial Buildings, Apartment Buildings, Investment Properties, Office Space , Vacant Land, Farms, Mobile Homes, Houseboat, Cottages, Vacation Properties, Time Shares For Sale or For Lease, Business or Franchise For Sale or Lease

7) What happens after I order my MLS® Listing ?

Once you make your purchase, you will be directed to our Forms Page where you will be able to begin creating and uploading your property information immediately.

8) When I receive and accept an offer, who holds the deposit?

This is your choice and is another term that can be negotiated in your offer to purchase or lease. In a typical full service listing the listing brokerage holds the deposit in their trust account and disburses all funds on completion of the transaction.  The deposit can also be held in the Cooperating Broker’s trust account, your real estate lawyer’s trust account, or our trust account for an additional fee.




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