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“We originally just had our house listed on kijiji, local classifieds, Craigslist and Facebook.  We had a decent amount of interest but felt we wanted to get it on mls.  This site was by far the cheapest route and it’s legit!  Our house was on mls days later and we did our own photos and write up.  All emails are replied  within the day if not sooner.   Saved $14000 on the sale of our home :)”


Britt Walsh

Trail, BC

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for sale by owner

“Working with Asher is such a pleasure! He made the process so stream lined and easy! Not to mention the money we saved! This is the second time we have used The Realty Commission to successfully sell our property!! I highly recommend them.”


Michelle Caspar

Milton, Ontario

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Seller’s Feedback

for sale by owner

Listing your own property  was not only affordable but it was effortless and professional. Support was there every step of the way for us, which made me feel at ease. Our house sold 1 day after it was listed on MLS®. I would use this service again. I will also refer all of my friends and family to use this for their own house sales. Thanks again …. Much appreciated!

Marie Gulliver, Janetville, ON

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SOLD! 77 Mccamus Ave Kirkland Lake,ON

“I used MLS to sell my multi – unit apartment building in Northern Ontario, it was very effective and I saved a lot of money in brokerage fees. I would definitely use this service again, it worked.”

Brian Coghlan, Kirkland Lake, ON

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SOLD! Toronto, ON

“It is my second MLS® listing with this service. Works perfect and extremely convenient.
I will use it again if I need to.”

Peter S., Toronto ON
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