SOLD! 58 Invermay Avenue Toronto, Ontario

“I just sold my North York home, after less than a week with the help and MLS® listing of    Asher was very helpful and responded quickly to questions regarding the listing.   The signs were bright, colorful and helped with drive by potential buyers. The MLS® listing generated a good number of calls and showings with real estate agents.  It was so empowering to be able to show and sell my own home. I am so grateful for this service and will definitely use it again.”

Bonnie Bereskin  Toronto, Ontario

Seller’s Feedback

“Great service. we hired our own photographer, and sent the pictures in and the ad was up in MLS® in no time. He was very quick to respond to email and make small changes. We held our own open houses and the property ended up selling. The process is pretty straightforward. We probably saved at least $6,000 going this route (by not using a typical listing agent). We got 97% of our listing price, but the price we ended up getting was actually over and above the comparable sales. Would use this service again.”

V.V., Ontario

SOLD! 1283 Jezero Cr, Oakville, ON

“I used the MLS® listing service twice. Once to lease my property and finally to sell my property. In both cases, I had a deal in approximately 30-60 days…the Toronto market is so strong but MLS® is the BEST way to advertise. Kijiji, Craiglist and signage are a compliment to MLS®. My listing was up in a couple of days and I received a complete package of purchase or sale documents and examples.  Asher answered my questions within 24 hours. I negotiated the sales of my house privately (no agent involved), the only other help I received was from my hired real estate lawyer, Richard Barrett at I would definitely recommend these services and use them again to manage my property for lease or sale!”

Kristina Bukovac, Oakville,ON

SOLD! 3498 Orion Cres. Mississauga, On

“It was money saving decision to use this company, complete sale package provided with example to fill it up. Good support. Competent and fast answering questions. I definitely recommend this guys to anybody who considering to sell their house themselves. If will get to the point to sale my house, I will use this company again!”

David Dollin, Mississauga, On